Reference Sphere Holders (RSH) (17)

Reference Sphere Holders (RSH) can be inclined, rotated and fixed in place. They consist of a solid body and a fixing ball, allowing the reference sphere to be positioned at any angle on the machine - for maximum flexibility during qualification. All reference sphere holders use M6 connections with clearance holes to accommodate M6 to M12 cap screws used to fasten the holder to the surface plate.
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Options to consider

Options to consider

Reference sphere holders are available in three material variants as the selection is primarily based on the measuring environment. Stainless steel holders are suitable for air-conditioned measuring rooms and available in different lengths. ThermoFit holders are both thermally stable and have a superior bending stiffness. They are made of carbon fiber tubes and suitable for fluctuating ambient temperatures common to production areas. ThermoFit holders are only available in a 200 mm column length. Invar steel holders have a low thermal expansion and acceptable for environments with fluctuating temperatures. They are available in column lengths of 200 mm, 300 mm or 400 mm. All three variant offer a single or double holder for two reference spheres. M6 reference spheres are required and available separately.