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Step gauge blocks for quick monitoring of the accuracy of your coordinate measuring machines. In addition to test bodies, step gauge blocks are also suitable for this purpose. With this test equipment, quick and comprehensible statements can be made about the accuracy status of the machine to be checked. In order to be able to set the different positions quickly and reproducibly, the step gauge blocks are mounted on the rotary swivel holder. The integrated clamping device holds the gauge block securely in position in any position.
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¥ 12,076.80Sales tax not included
Stepped gauge block 1100mm, DAkkS, Level 1
Length (L)
1,100.0 mm
¥ 66,422.40Sales tax not included
Stepped gauge block 1100mm, DAkkS, Level 0
Length (L)
1,100.0 mm
¥ 0.00Sales tax not included
Extension 115, stepped gauge block
Length (L)
115.0 mm
¥ 2,220.00Sales tax not included
Extension 350, stepped gauge block
Length (L)
350.0 mm
¥ 2,699.52Sales tax not included
Extension 200, stepped gauge block
Length (L)
200.0 mm
¥ 2,353.20Sales tax not included
Extension 585, stepped gauge block
Length (L)
585.0 mm
¥ 4,173.60Sales tax not included
Extension 250, stepped gauge block
Length (L)
250.0 mm
¥ 2,530.80Sales tax not included
¥ 0.00Sales tax not included
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Features of our step gauge blocks

Features of our step gauge blocks

- Ceramic end dimensions Ø 8.5 x 20 mm - Cross-section of supporting body: 55 x 55 mm - Distance between test cylinders: 20 mm - Long-term stability guaranteed - Temperature scale on the gauge block - Marking of the tread points - Galvanised surfaces - Supplied in aluminium case